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Aristotelous St 4 Tsimiski Corner,

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 12:11

The Law Office "Stamoulos-Katsios-Goridaris and Partners" or "SKG Lawyers" was founded in 1980 by Thessaloniki lawyers Alexandros Stamoulos, Socrates Goridaris and George Gavrilakis, who were fellow students at the Law School of Thessaloniki. Having completed their studies and after taking postgraduate degrees they met again at early 80s and founded their law office at Aristotelous 4 str. They decided each to practice law in a specialized field in order to provide high quality legal services, an innovative concept for the legal society of Thessaloniki in the early 1980's.

The office, located in the historical building "Skaperda Hall" in the most commercial corner of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski with Aristototelous str., where in addition to the individual offices of the lawyers, there is a conference room with a complete library, which now numbers more than 1,000 books of each branch of law and is informed by 20 law journals each month. All lawyers are linguists, able to provide services to foreign customers.

Principally concerned with Office was originally the civil law with emphasis on family law, the law of leases, labor and trade union law. In 1990 Dr. Stavros Katsios joined the office, after taking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Germany. Dr Katsios is the author of the first complete study on the phenomenon of money laundering in Greece and a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) USA. He is also a member of the German Bar Association (DAV) and teaches as an associate professor at the Ionian University in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Translation and Interpretation.

Due to the consistent policy to collaborate with trained and qualified associates,
Mr. Evagelos Minos joined the office on October of 2003 with main fields of practice, civil and property law. Mr. Minos is currently Secretary General at the Union of Thessaloniki Property Owners (EN.I.A.TH).

On September 2005, Mr. Sotirios Baltas, Postgraduate Diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and PhD candidate in Criminal Law joined the office and took over from the beginning of his professional career all the criminal cases with great success. In 2009 he became a member of the Greek Criminal Law Society. Mr Baltas already has several publications in criminal law journals.

On February 2006 Mrs. Filitsa Ifanti joined the firm, a lawyer with avvocation on public law and specializing in Immigration Law. Mrs. Ifanti is currently a member of the Union of Immigration and Foreign Law (E.D.A.M).

On September 2010
Ms. Kalliopi Perroti joined the office, a lawyer with significant experience and expertise on vesting, trademarks and patents, both at national and European level, having handled many cases in the above fields and experience from the European Patent Office.

Our office has always been initiated by two fundamental principles. Dedication to our customers and their rights without discrimination on the nature and importance of each case and handling every case with clarity, responsibility and without any delay. The office partners have extensive expertise in different areas and all without exception have to show scientific evidence or substantial experience in their field. Today, it is estimated that "SKG Lawyers" have served more than 5,500 cases during 30 years of operation and have collaborated with many foreign law companies, handling the most difficult and demanding cases.