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Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property PDF Print Email

Intellectual property law in the last years has known rapid growth. This is the set of rules that protect the technical and aesthetic creations, patents, utility models and industrial designs, distinctive features, e.g the name, mark, trade name, etc.

The patent is an exclusive right given to an inventor, who may be a natural or legal person, regarding the production and use of a product or a new process, or possibly a combination of both. This exclusive right is granted for 20 years from the time of application and prohibits others from using the patented invention without permission of the patent owner.

Today with the dizzying growth in biotechnology and genetics, the inventions sector has experienced unprecedented prosperity, but has also become a field of intense ethical dilemmas and concerns.

Characteristic of the development in this area is that the European Patent Office only accepted in 2010 the incredible number of 232,000 applications for patentability, rate increased by 10% compared with the corresponding figures of 2009. Of these applications, 39% originated from the 38 member states of the EPO, 26% from the United States of America, 18% from Japan and 5% came from South Korea and China respectively.

In Greece, the body responsible for the patenting of inventions, utility models and certificates of designs is the Industrial Property Organisation. Proceedings before the OBI principle standard and effective control is limited.

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