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Civil Law is the branch of law which regulates the differences between individuals (citizens). It is part of Private Law. In Greece, set in the Civil Code and is divided into five parts:

a) General Principles of Civil Law: this part contains general definitions relating to all civil law, such as what is natural and legal persons, it is a statement of intention and act, how and when they established a valid contract (proposal, acceptance, etc.) what are the consequences of defects of will (mistake, fraud, threats), etc.

b) contract law governs the contractual obligations, namely the legal relationships under which a person has a benefit to another. There are two main objects, the obligations of the contract and the obligations of the law. The Law of Contract governing the rights and obligations of a debtor and creditor for the abnormal development of a fault (failure to provide, arrears, poor performance of the debtor), sub-contracts and torts.

c) Property Law regulates the absolute rights over things such as ownership, possession, usufruct, servitudes, pledge, mortgage. The Property Law stipulates what rights are, what their content, how it formed, how they are transferred and how protected.

d) Family Law regulate the marriage, the rights and obligations of both spouses on the dissolution of marriage, parental responsibility for children, the rights and duties of parents and children, adoption and the maintenance regimes and relatives.

e) Inheritance Law regulates the succession, inheritance, the inheritance to the heirs, legal fate, etc.

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