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Mediation subject to the provisions of Greek Law. 3898 / 12.12.2010 "Mediation in civil and commercial matters" according to the the Directive 2008/52 / EC .

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process, for civil and commercial cases, if the parties have the authority to resolve their dispute.

The process of mediation involves the mediator, the parties and their attorneys. A basic advantage of mediation is the confidentiality and secrecy of the process. A very significant point is in the provision of Article 9 of Law. 3898/2010 on the enforceability of agreements resulting from mediation, if one of the parties submits the agreement to the Civil Courts of each town, in which the mediation takes place.

The law firm "SKG LAWYERS" can provide legal representation services in mediation or provide mediation services by an Accredited Mediator of the Minister of Justice.